Schooling at G. D. Goenka Public School goes beyond the classrooms and into the wider creative world outside. Apart from a keen focus on academics, various creative activities are taught that engage the mental and intellectual faculties of our students. Indian and Western Music, both instrumental and percussion are offered to our students. Instrumental music strengthens their fingers and also improves coordination of the mind and body. The life histories of famous musicians are discussed in the class and the students gain inspiration and encouragement from biographies of these renowned personalities. Festivals and presentations held from time to time in the school are occasions to showcase budding talent in the school. The students also regularly take part in several inter-school events and have done the school proud by winning many of such events. Undoubtedly, the pursuit of such creative activities adds another meaningful dimension to school life.


Dance is an ideal means of communication to express what is too deep, too fine for words. G.D. Goenka, students learn to choreograph and are made conversant with various Indian and Western dance forms like Indian Classical (Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi), Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa and these are some of the most eagerly awaited moments for self-expression and the students can be seen enjoying to the hilt. Lessons in Indian and Western music generate rich cross cultural exposure and sensitize the students to this fine art.


Shakespeare rightly said that the man who has no music in him is a pretty dismal specimen. Theatre is celebrated as a distinguished art form in our school. Our strengths lie in a careful blend of professional academic work and training.

The theatre students benefit from the diverse experiences offered by an institution committed to providing exposure to various forms of expression.

Theatre, at our school, presents a stimulating blend of cultural diversity, intellectual rigor and professional experience for the students. It is a stimulating place to learn and to grow, where the prevailing atmosphere is one of a family.

The students participate in various theatrical expressions like monologue, extempore and role plays. All students are taught the importance of finer aspects and oratory skill:- the nuances, voice modulation, stress and Intonation etc. which make a world of difference to the spoken words.

The Performing Arts imbues self confidence in children apart from manifesting their inherent talents and nurturing them. This self-expression through the Performing Arts defines our inner selves and projects it to others for all to appreciate and admire.

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