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If education is seen and practiced as an activity of regimentation, then creativity, by definition, would have no place in it. Is that what we want for our children at the GDGPS Indore?

     Is “creativity” in opposition to “education”? Education is commonly treated as a standardized and sequential activity — like training, providing identical skills and transmitting predetermined information. Students are fed received doctrines, positions and views. First grade followed by second, third…tenth board exams, plus-two and then preparing for college admissions…How many times have you heard young students say something like,                                                                                              “I by hearted and by hearted all the expected questions but the question paper was different …even our teachers agreed!”                                                                                                                                                  Or parents say “… the American system is different…children have to think. No use just learning things.”                                                                                                                                                          Teachers and even parents sometimes find creative children difficult to handle. They might even consider a creative child too fruity, a trouble maker, hard to educate. Of course, there are a few “alternate” schools that allow “creativity” to flower. But as the child comes closer to the eighth or ninth grade, many parents start to become uncomfortable about their choice of “alternate” schooling systems. The pressures of board exams cannot be wished away. Some switch — at times with a bit of reluctance — putting their children through regular “education” rather than “creativity”. We need to counter at least three popular myths that surround creativity:

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With best wishes.

R.K. Singh



(GD Goenka Public School, Indore)

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