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22 Mar

Are you aware of the extraordinary talent your child possesses? Is it enough for your child to get good grades in academic curricula? The answer is no. A study shows that children who pursue their hobbies perform better in their academics.
Hobbies can boost your child’s self-esteem, give them confidence, teach them teamwork, social interactions and push them in the right direction. It develops the overall mental, physical and emotional health of your child.

Have you ever observed your child singing the latest songs or a game that he/she likes to play a lot, or do they watch and take interest when you cook? These can be considered the signs that your kid is interested in one of these things;
now, you must find out what skills your children already possess and how you can encourage them to pursue them as a hobby.

Let’s see –

Find a hobby by observing your child’s interests – When you look at your child creating something beautiful using waste materials or if he/she has a natural affection for things like music, science, drama, sports, computers, etc. It can be a sign that your kid might want to pursue these activities as hobbies. Encourage your child to pursue the activity of their interest more sincerely. Even if your child doesn’t show any signs, you should give them options like cooking, designing logos, reading, etc., and ask them if they want to try.

Try to involve your children in activities they enjoy – Every hobby needs some investment, but that doesn’t mean you should spend a lot on your kid’s hobby. Once you get the idea of what your kid would love to pursue as a hobby, then first buy essential tools and observe if they are using them or not. For example, if your kid likes to paint, buy him/her all the painting accessories like canvas, colors, mixing palettes, etc., to inspire your child to paint.

Be with them in their trial period – Support your child when he/she starts a new hobby, and encourage them to give their best before they decide if they want to pursue it or not. Once they are comfortable with it, they will automatically learn to manage it and have fun.

Look out for the opportunities: Find opportunities for your kids which enable them to learn or show their talent.
For example, send them to summer camps to meet new people who are pursuing the same hobby as they are. Opportunities like this will build a sense of healthy competition in them, and also it will inspire your kid to perform better.

Don’t push your child to have a hobby of your interest – To find the best hobby for your child, make sure that you don’t stumble too much on something of your choice. Monitor your child’s behavior; if your child doesn’t show any interest in the hobby you suggest, try new activities.

Be prepared to accept their changing interests – As your child grows, his/her interests might change. They may have started out as cooking, but it might change to painting so, acknowledge your children’s interest, and find that one hobby they enjoy the most.

Appreciate your child even for their smallest of wins – Your appreciation can encourage your child to do better next time. So no matter how small their win is, always show the appreciation they need to sustain their interest in the hobby. Your appreciation can provide a sense of accomplishment to the kid.

Encourage them to practice their hobby daily – Assign them an hour a day so that they can enjoy practicing their hobby. That one hour can refresh your child and improve your child’s concentration, leading to good results in academics.
As parents, encouraging your child to get involved in extracurricular activities is like giving them an opportunity to grow and develop his/her strengths and contribute their energy in the right direction. It’s not wise to force your kid to pursue the hobby of your interest; it’s not good in the long run. If it’s not their choice, it can become a burden for them. Let them choose and be there for them and support them even if their hobbies change frequently.

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