World Chocolate Day

07 Jul

The “food of the gods”, chocolate has been unmatched in history for its taste and importance.

To brighten the day of students and to break the monotony of regular teaching, a unique session was conducted through experiential learning.

The chocoholics at GD Goenka Public School celebrated‘World Chocolate Day’ on July 7th, 2023.

Students of Grade Nursery- II made everybody melt in the sweetness by chocolate. The teachers shared with the children the facts on chocolates that it has medicinal properties,About how many types of chocolate are found across the globe The products made by compound chocolates. The teachers narrated a story to the children about how bitter -cocoa is sweetened by adding sugar to it.

It was followed by ‘flameless cooking’ activity for which took the onus to create delicious chocolates.

Students participated enthusiastically and made the day a memorable one.

A special walnut brownie was served to children made by our Director ma’am, It was an icing on the cake The children relished the cake and chocolate and were glad and excited to be part of the event.

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