Workshop on “Phonics sounds”

19 Aug

Phonics is the most scientific way of learning reading and writing in early foundation years.In view of this G.D Goenka,Indore planned a workshop on “Phonics sounds” to educate our mothers so that they can get most out of it and as it says “Mother is the first teacher of the child”.

The workshop outlines what phonics is, how it helps the child with their early reading and writing skills and provides a range of ideas for activities and resources. Our mothers can support their child at home.

The workshop was held on 19th of August,Saturday at school by the Teachers of Nursery,KG1 and KG2.

In this workshop Teachers displayed the best of their practices of “How do they introduce any letter/Akshar/Number/Concept in the class to their students.

We began the session with an energizer followed by a power point presentation on “why phonics are so important”. Teachers presented the phonics sound story and the jolly phonics song to the Mothers. And lastly we concluded the session with a Game,based on sounds as a way of reinforcing the learning.

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