27 Aug

QC 2023 – INTER-CITY QUIZZING CHALLENGE was organised by Quizzers’ Club NIT Bhopal.This QUIZZING CHALLENGE is a State Level Championship for grades 8th to 12th.The Round 1 of IQC was conducted on 27TH August2023 online.From Indore many schools participated and 8 students were selected from each school comprising of 2 teams. From GDGOENKA INDORE Eva Alam,Avni Mangal,Animesh MIshra,Zaarah Shaikh in team 1 & Diyaan Kalra,Eshaan Alam,Manas Chandrakar & Harshit Sarda in team2 were selected. The 2nd level was organised on 8th september2023 in Emerald Heights.Out of all 20 schools GOENKAN Diyaan Kalra,Eshaan Alam,Manas Chandrakar & Harshit Sarda emerged out as winners by securing highest point taking the winner trophy from Indore city & it’s their 1st step towards theTitle of MIND MARVELS OF THE STATE! To be conducted in Bhopal.

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