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Science Quiz 2024 was conducted at the premises of GD GOENKA ,INDORE on 23rd January 2024. This was for classes VI to IX and was Intraclass. It was mandatory for all the students to participate in the written round of 50 Questions. Out of 50 marks 40 marks was for their science syllabus question and 10 marks for current news on science and Noble prize winners. From each class 10 students were shortlisted. On 23rd Jan 2024 out of these 10 students only 4 students were selected after a written round of ten questions again to come on the stage and play the quiz. Each team had one child from 6th,one from 7th,one from 8th & one from 9th. The teams were named as C.V.RAMAN,SATYENDRA NATH BOSE, VIKRAM SARABHAI AND HOMI JEHANGIR BHABHA. They had 3 Direct question round in which sets of 4 questions ,3 questions & 3 questions were given to answer in limited time. Then they had visual round where all the teams scored points. The last round was Experiment round where they had to plan & explain an experiment with the given items in 5 minutes.  During that time audience had a good time as it was audience round to win 5 Star. Finally winning teams were of Homi Jehangir Bhabha and the Runners up were C.V.Raman’s team after tie with S.N.Bose team. Winners got individual Trophies and Runners up were awarded individual medals.

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