23 Jan

“Just a little over six months ago, we were confused, in dilemma and involved in a lot of research but excited too…. after all it was a matter of my kid’s most valuable asset, her education. Finally, we landed at GD Goenka and made it our preferred choice for an all-round development of our kid. When the entire world is going through such a tough time during this pandemic and forcing the entire education system to go through a paradigm shift from offline to online classes, we were really concerned if this would really make sense for a kid as young as a 3-year-old. However, we are glad and thankful to GD Goenka for turning this over and beyond my expectation. Here comes Sep 25, 2021…. super excited and nervous too… our 1st PTM…were really looking forward to hearing the feedback and seeing the evaluation results based on my kid’s development.

Special Call Outs – Protocols for Covid Appropriate Behavior, A Warm Welcome, Promptness, Positive Ambience, Vibrant/ Colorful/Lively Classrooms… Super Impressive!!!

A Well managed meeting, just waited for 10 mins before our turn but no complaints, refreshments were available to offset it.”

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